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Our many years of experience in the field of Electrical Energy has enabled us to provide tailor made solutions to suite different custmer needs. We strongly believe that a customised energy solution is better than a one size fit all and we always pay great attention to individual requirements. 

Take a look at some of our speacialized and customised services below.


Making the Switch to Green Is Easy

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Our Services

Assesment of Energy Needs- Is it Profitable?

Powerbank Energy has a team of specialised engineers who come out to discuss and measure the energy need of customers free of charge. We posses the latest tools to determine the correct energy yield from a renewable energy system and also give a realistic Return on Investment!

Design of Suitable System

After collecting all data relating to the energy needs of our customer, We take our time to design a customized solution to meet the specific needs. At this moment customers are given the choice to couple their PV system with an onsite generator or to go completely offgrid or to go hybrid! 

System Installation

We design and install solar power systems for various applications like homes, farms, commercial offices, water pumping and storage etc. All our systems come with a reasonable and bankable Return on Investment.

Real Time System Monitoring & Maintanance

System monitoring is an intergral part of all our solar energy systems. We give the client access to offsite monitoring via cellphone so that client can keep track of energy being produced. We also monitor our installed systems from our command centre so as to avoid system failure without us knowing.

Innovative Product highlights

Below are some of the products we use or develop to ensure system perfomance. Take a look at our custom made PV combiner boxes and inveter distribution boards compatible with utility scale systems or the Axpert 5kw/3kw inverter range!

Utility Scale String Combination Box

Powerbank  Energy supplies utility scale string combination boxes as per customer requirements. All our combination boxes come with short circuit protection and surge protection. 

The above picture collage shows one of our popular products. Its a combination of 6kva Diesel Generator, Homemade Sound Poof Box with exhaust fan to keep the Generator cool during use coupled with an automatic change over switch panel able to start and stop the generator. This combo can be coupled to a hybrid solar system. Remote system monitoring via GSM is optional!

3 String Combination box

This string combiner box is most suitable for the Axpert 5kw MKS Inverter range. It also comes with short circuit protection, surge protection and DC isolator.

Powerbank Energy also manufactures panels and switch boards as per customer requirements. Our switchboards are a favorite for business and homes due to their elegant design and competitive pricing. Please feel free to contact us for further information on our Distribution Boards and Panels.

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